Social Events

Welcome reception

Saturday September 5, 2015; 19:30-21:30
Foyer Centro Congressi Giovanni XXIII (link)


Sunday September 6, 2015; 20:00-22:00
Restaurant “La Marianna” (link)
Largo Colle Aperto, 4 – Bergamo

A reserved bus will bring the participants to restaurant “La Marianna” from the conference centre. The bus will leave around 19:40 from the premises of the conference venue, Centro Congressi Giovanni XXIII. The return to the conference centre from the restaurant is scheduled around 22:00. For those willing to reach restaurant “La Marianna” on their own, there are several alternative ways to get there:

1. walk to the upper city (40 minutes);
2. take bus n. 1 and get off at bus stop “Colle Aperto” (last stop) (15 minutes);
3. walk to the lower city cable car stop (15 minutes) (“Staz. Inf. fun. Città” in the map); take the cable car (3 minutes); walk to the restaurant (10 minutes) (from “Staz. Sup. fun. Città” in the map);
4. take a taxi to the restaurant (with destination: restaurant “La Marianna”, Largo Colle Aperto, 4).