• LinkResearch Track

    Generating Failing Test Suites for Quantum Programs with Search

    Xinyi Wang, Paolo Arcaini, Tao Yue and Shaukat Ali
  • LinkChallenge

    Refining Fitness Functions for Search-Based Automated Program Repair: A Case Study with ARJA and ARJA-e

    Giovani Guizzo, Aymeric Blot, James Callan, Justyna Petke and Federica Sarro


  • LinkResearch Track

    Do Quality Indicators Prefer Particular Multi-Objective Search Algorithms in Search-Based Software Engineering?

    Shaukat Ali, Paolo Arcaini and Tao Yue
  • LinkResearch Track

    Search-based Testing for Scratch Programs

    Christoph Frädrich, Adina Deiner, Sophia Geserer, Niklas Zantner and Gordon Fraser
  • LinkResearch Track

    It Is Not Only About Control Dependent Nodes: Basic Block Coverage for Search-Based Crash Reproduction

    Pouria Derakhshanfar, Xavier Devroey and Andy Zaidman
  • LinkResearch Track

    Automated Unit Test Generation for Python

    Stephan Lukasczyk, Florian Kroiß and Gordon Fraser


  • LinkReviewer Appreciation Award

    Professor Robert Feldt

    Reviewer Appreciation Award
  • LinkResearch Track

    A Systematic Comparison of Search Algorithms for Topic Modelling - A Study on Duplicate Bug Report Identification

    Annibale Panichella
  • LinkChallenge

    Software Improvement with Gin: A Case Study

    Justyna Petke and Alexander E. I. Brownlee

2018: Special 10th Anniversary

  • LinkMost Voted Keynote 1st

    How Can Metaheuristics Help Software Engineers?

    Professor Enrique Alba
  • LinkMost Voted Paper 1st

    The Human Competitiveness of Search Based Software Engineering

    Daniel Pinto Coutinho, Fabrício Gomes de Freitas, Jerffeson Teixeira de Souza and Camila Loiola Maia
  • LinkMost Voted Tutorial 1st

    Search-based unit test generation with EvoSuite

    Professor Gordon Fraser
  • LinkChallenge

    Detecting Real Faults in the Gson Library Through Search-Based Unit Test Generation

    Gregory Gay


  • LinkChallenge

    Challenges in Using Search-Based Test Generation to Identify Real Faults in Mockito

    Gregory Gay


  • LinkIndustry Relevant // Student

    Interactive Software Release Planning with Preferences Base.

    Altino Dantas, Italo Yeltsin, Allysson Allex Araújo and Jerffeson Souza
  • LinkIndustry Relevant

    Combining Multiple Coverage Criteria in Search-Based Unit Test Generation

    José Miguel Rojas, José Campos, Mattia Vivanti, Gordon Fraser and Andrea Arcuri
  • LinkActual Industry Data

    Epistatic Genetic Algorithm for Test Case Prioritization

    Fang Yuan, Yi Bian, Zheng Li and Ruilian Zhao
  • LinkChallenge

    Inferring Test Models from Kate’s Bug Reports using Multi-objective Search

    Yuanyuan Zhang, Mark Harman, Yue Jia and Federica Sarro


  • LinkStudent Track

    Transaction Profile Estimation of Queueing Network Models for IT Systems Using A Search-based Technique

    Shadi Ghaith, Miao Wang, Philip Perry and John Murphy
  • LinkChallenge

    Babel Pidgin: SBSE can grow and graft entirely new functionality into a real world system

    Mark Harman, W B Langdon and Yue Jia


  • LinkStudent Track

    The Emergence of Useful Bias in Self-focusing Genetic Programming for Software Optimisation

    Brendan Cody-Kenny and Stephen Barrett
  • LinkResearch Track

    A Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm to Rank State-Based Test Cases

    Lionel Briand, Yvan Labiche and Kathy Chen
  • LinkChallenge

    What can a Big Program Teach us about Optimization?

    Márcio Barros and Fábio Farzat


  • LinkBest Reviewer

    Dr. Márcio Barros

    Best Reviewer Prize
  • LinkResearch Track

    Highly Scalable Multi Objective Test Suite Minimisation Using Graphics Cards

    Shin Yoo, Mark Harman and Shmuel Ur


  • LinkResearch Track

    How Does Program Structure Impact the Effectiveness of the Crossover Operator in Evolutionary Testing?

    Phil McMinn