PhD Student Track

The SSBSE PhD student track that will provide a venue for students to showcase their SBSE research and to receive feedback from senior members of the SBSE research community. Papers submitted to this track should be no more than 4 pages using the regular conference format. Each paper will be reviewed by selected members of the program committee. Authors will give short presentations on their work during the main conference. Please include the following information in your submission:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Name of your dissertation advisor
  • Title of your work
  • A short abstract that briefly describes your research proposal
  • A description of the research problem being addressed and its importance in the field
  • A brief discussion of background and related work, as well as current solutions/approaches
  • A detailed description of the proposed methodology and expected contributions of your research
  • Preliminary results achieved to date (if any)

To be eligible a student must be registered on a doctoral programme and must not yet have made their final dissertation defence. It is the expectation that the student will give the presentation at the symposium, though there may be other authors on the paper.

If you have any question regarding the PhD track, please contact the track Chair Myra Cohen (myra at