Impressions from SSBSE2013

Keynotes and Tutorial

We had wonderful keynotes and tutorial. Speakers have kindly agreed to provide their slides online.


Congratulations to the authors whose paper won the following awards!

  • Winner of SSBSE 2013 Challenge (XBox sponsored by Microsoft Research, and EUR 1,000): What can a Big Program Teach us about Optimization? by Marcio Barros and Fábio Farzat
  • Winner of Best Student Paper (EUR 500): The Emergence of Useful Bias in Self-focusing Genetic Programming for Software Optimisation by Brendan Cody-Kenny and Stephen Barrett
  • Winner of Best Paper (EUR 500): A Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm to Rank State-Based Test Cases by Lionel Briand, Yvan Labiche and Kathy Chen

Photos from SSBSE 2013 and its Social Event

We have some great snaps from SSBSE 2013, including the boat trip around St. Petersburg. We would like to thank Microsoft Research once again for their support which made the social event the wonderful success it was.